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  • RB Box Scraper RB Box Scraper On average 25% heavier than similar sized box scrapers. These units are built for rugged applications, and will withstand years of regular use.
  • Weight Box Weight Box Fill the weight box with concrete or a removable weight to add more weight to the back of the unit. This might be necessary in especially hard or rocky ground.
  • Interior Supports Interior Supports The sidewalls as well as the front bar feature angle iron supports.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Unit Hydraulic Cylinder Unit Units feature hydraulic cylinders that control the gauge wheels in the back, which is used to set the cut depth and to release material. Easily control the entire unit from the seat of your tractor.
  • Clevis Style Hitch Clevis Style Hitch A simple pin style clevis makes attachment easy. The ability to move seperate from the tractor allows the unit to leave a much smoother finish (versus a box blade).
  • Clevis Bearing Clevis Bearing A bearing hidden behind the clevis allows the unit to be hooked up by one person. The bearing will hold the clevis straight out to allow the tractor to back in, and releases easily once attached.

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These pull-type heavy duty box scrapers are designed to last years with heavy use. An all-around good tool to have, box scrapers can be used for many jobs around the farm. From moving materials, to fixing and maintaining roads and lots, to making and filling ditches, as well as many other projects. Our heavy duty scrapers feature a set of gauge wheels that help to regulate cut and achieve uniform depth and a smooth finish. Simple hydraulic controls let you set the cut depth from the seat of your tractor. The clevis style attachment has a built-in bearing that keeps the clevis level and open to allow a single person to easily hook up to their tractor.

Note: HP requirements vary based on how the scraper is being used. Simple leveling and grading requirements are going to be very different from heavy hauling and digging requirements. HP ratings are a suggestion guide.



6' Unit
750 lbs • 35-65HP

8' Unit
1100 lbs • 45-100 HP

10' Unit
1,350 lbs • 65-120HP

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