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  • RD Diamond Road Plane RD Diamond Road Plane Designed to maintain gravel and dirt roadways, lots and driveways. This unit specialized in elminating washboarding. The frontblades cut into the high spots and excess material is caught by the rear wings and used to fill in low spots.
  • Reinforced Angled Blades Reinforced Angled Blades The blades are set at an angle to achieve the best cut, and reinforced with angled iron in the back.
  • Suitcase Weight Bar Suitcase Weight Bar Easily add weight using standard tractor suitcase wights.
  • Cat 1 Attachment Pins Cat 1 Attachment Pins Category 1 quick attach compatable.
  • RD Diamond Road Plane RD Diamond Road Plane A Diamond Plane hooked up. (This unit has a different weight system using weight bars).




The RD Diamond Road Plane was designed specifically to maintain gravel and dirt roadways and lots. It excels at cutting down wash boarding on dirt roads, as well as reclaiming rural roadways from overgrowth. The front blade slices into wash boarding and high spots, and all extra material is caught by the back side wings. The back blade then uses the extra material to fill in low spots, leaving a smooth flat finish. Regular rear blades simply jump up and over wash boarding. The double blades set at angles prevent jumping and instead allow the front blade to dig directly into high spots and smooth out ruts and bumps.

Easily attaches to any category 1 or 2 three point, as well as cat 1 quick attach systems. Replaceable wear blades. Add addition weight using standard tractor suitcase weights.

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